Friday, May 22, 2009

glow with the flow.

Hiya. I think this has been the busiest/most annoying week so far, with the socials projects and math quizzes. Thank goodness I get to relax with shopping downtown with friends :), first stop : H+M. I need some new things for the dance that's coming up this Thursday, if you haven't noticed, that's why I named this blog 'glow with the flow' since that what the school dance is called. The theme is 'glow'. It's going to be the best/last dance of the school year! What's really bothering me is how our rival school (Britannia) named there school dance 'glowbal warming', that's so idiotic, seriously. Come up with you're own ideas much?

btw, I want this:

....the bag. I need to find a fringe bag tomorrow, lol.

Anyhow, the shopping -- can't wait. I'll post some photos of them tomorrow.

Later days.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

this is a first.

My first blog, hooray. I'm not going to write much because I am overly tired right now. So, so far, my name is Hannah, I'm fourteen, I live in Canada, and I love fashion/friends/vintage. So yeah, this is kinda sorta going to be a fashion blog, not really though :)

Peace out chicos, oh yeah. I take spanish as one of my electives at school. Just thought you'd like to know that :)

PS: yes, the banner was made by me. I'm also a webdesigner.